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Do you want to build a successful brand and business?

There was once a time when products could sell themselves, and branding was nothing more than a brief conversation with your nearest and dearest. Equipped with a phone book and a stack of business cards, many brands could flourish… Now, however, with the advancements in digital technology, building a successful business has become a lot more strategic. With so many marketing and media services on the horizon, I needed to ensure that The Media Formula offered something DIFFERENT! But how could my solution compete with agencies delivering robust solutions to cross-media channels?

I listened when you said that you needed a service that delivered practical as well as actionable solutions; information you trusted and a service that is affordable. And when you confessed that feeling like you wasn’t in it alone was also a priority and familiarity was the key –  I made this my mission.

So here it is, The Media Formula.
Myself, along with a team of experts ready to support your business goals, aspiration and objectives.
We’re ready when you are!

Chantelle Marie – The Founder